Identity Project

The Identity Project explores personal identity through looking at, and responding to, modern and contemporary art. The project is suitable for any level of artistic ability and is separated into 6 half day workshops over consecutive weeks. The Identity Project can be arranged to suit groups and individuals.

Self Portrait Tweet

The project covers but is not limited to:

  • Introducing modern and contemporary art through the theme of identity.
  • Exploring the work of other artists.
  • Defining a personal response to the theme of Identity.
  • Experimenting creatively with a range of methods and medium.
  • Selecting work for further development.
  • Group discussion.
  • Individual tutorials.

This project is designed to allow you to explore Contemporary and Modern Art (post WWII) and to introduce new artists, materials and ways of working.

The underlying framework of exploration, experimentation, selection and evaluation is designed to develop methods of responding to themes and the work of other artists, and to introduce new medium and processes.

This project facilitates a journey of self discovery through art.

We arrange our workshops and courses to suit individuals and groups needs. If you would like to attend/arrange a workshop or short course for yourself. a group, business or school/college weekdays or weekends please contact:

Victoria Norton

01206 385635

07817 480883


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