Victoria Norton

Victoria Norton is a professional artist and art educator showing regionally and nationally, with experience in international commissions and residencies. Themes are broadly spiritual and often connected to the natural environment or human condition. Installation, site-specific and sculptural works are built upon through drawing, printmaking, collage and construction. Work is developed through a variety of medium and is often constructivist in style. Victoria lives and work in East Anglia and London, and bring over thirty years’ experience of exhibiting and teaching to commissions and workshops. Victoria is a member of Commission4Mission which was formed to help revive and encourage the practice of commissioning and placing works of contemporary art in churches and other public places.

Dove.  Ink, aluminium inlay and acrylic on board. H50 x W48.

Dove. Ink, aluminium inlay and acrylic on board. H50 x W48.

She set up ArtHeds in order to promote fellow artists and develop a range of workshops and courses with a broad creative base to facilitate greater wellbeing for individuals and groups, and to enable artistic development through working with excellent arts professionals, for groups and individuals.

Fallen Angel by Victoria Burton-Davey

Fallen Angel by Victoria Norton

Artheds run Art Workshops for all abilities and Wellbeing Workshops which are based more broadly in the arts and focus on the natural environment.

Cepheid by Victoria Burton-Davey

Cepheid by Victoria Norton. Beech, aircraft linen, wire, wax. H3.5m W4.2m D4m

If you would like to discuss a purchase, commission work or attend a workshop/course please contact:

Victoria Norton

01206 385635

07817 480883


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