Wellbeing Workshops

Re-connection with the self and establishing mindfulness as a central precept for one’s life is a path I advocate. I work with individuals and small groups to facilitate a healthier work-life balance and a more grounded perspective.

Harp by Victoria Burton-Davey

Re-connection with the natural environment heals us and allows light into our lives: it gives space in which one’s spirit can be nourished. We are part of the natural world and it is important to our wellbeing to recognise this. Gaining access to the physical and spiritual energy surrounding us is a transformative undertaking.

Through walking, drawing, talking and writing; our workshops and short courses help you to identify the areas of your life which are ripe for change, and to act upon your findings through practical solutions.

Join a one day weekend workshop tailored to small groups or individuals and centred on talking, walking, drawing, writing and healthful reconnection.

Identity Explored

Focus on Stress

Identity Explored

Journal Journey

Approaches to Wellbeing

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness Matters

We arrange our workshops and courses to suit individual and group needs. If you would like to attend/arrange a workshop or short course for yourself. a group, business or school/college weekdays or weekends please contact:

Victoria Norton


01206 385635

07817 480883


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