Focus on Stress

Focus On Stress is a one day workshop looking at the causes of stress, how to avoid stress and how to manage stress on a day-to-day basis.

In-camera double exposure of woman and trees.

We all suffer from stress in different ways which means that there is no “one size fit’s all” solution to managing it. By developing your own STRESS TOOLBOX you can focus on ways or reducing stress and developing the ‘tools’ to bring calm.

This project involves group discussion and one-to-one tutorials on:

  • Causes of stress.
  • How to avoid stress.
  • Empowering strategies for managing stress.
  • Adapting to stress.
  • Accepting unavoidable stress.
  • Courting calm.
  • Developing a personal STRESS TOOLBOX.

This project will help you reduce and manage stress and is a good stepping stone to Practical Wellbeing.

We arrange our workshops and courses to suit individuals and group needs. If you would like to attend/arrange a workshop or short course for yourself. a group, business or school/college weekdays or weekends please contact:

Victoria Norton

01206 385635

07817 480883


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